Mental Health Awareness Week: The importance of movement for mental well-being

May 16, 2024
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With the theme of this year’s mental health week being movement we’ve rounded up just three of the ways we keep our children physically active to support their mental well-being, reduce stress and become aware of their thoughts and feelings.


There are so many mental health benefits to yoga and that’s why our nurseries run sessions to get our children active. Yoga sessions aid children in refocusing their attention on the present moment, fostering the development of self-regulation skills and expanding their capacity for emotional balance and control.

Forest School

Forest School takes learning outside into the natural world, think climbing trees, pond dipping, treasure hunts and more.

Having children move around outdoors not only helps them to be immersed in nature but also increases their self-esteem and confidence as they take risks in an environment where they are encouraged and supported to do so.

Find out more about our Forest School offering here.


Songs and rhymes play a big part in the 91Ҹ Curriculum and so it’s no surprise that activities which have our children dancing around is one of our favourite things to do. Whether it’s waving and shaking scarves to music or simply encouraging silly dancing we know that this fun way of getting active helps children to gain control over their bodies.

Focus on the health and wellbeing of children should be in the ‘here and now’ which is why we’re proud to offer these initiatives all year round and not just during mental health awareness week. Find out more about the 91Ҹ way here.

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