With close community ties and our carefully curated spaces, Ickle Pickles is a much-loved nursery school in Iwade.

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Innspired by nature

Your children will spend dedicated time in our outdoor area connecting with nature through a variety of outdoor experiences.

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Family style mealtimes

Children eat healthy meals together in a warm and inviting central space with themed menus for cultural celebration days that provide new tastes and learning opportunities.

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Sharing knowledge with our community

We are part of the Kingsferry Collaboration where we share ideas, solve problems and support each other.

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At Ickle Pickles, our experienced educators teach children using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework alongside own 91Ҹ programmes.

Through this hybrid approach, children can reach their full potential at their own pace and in their own time. We pride ourselves on developing great relationships with our parents and will keep you updated on your child's progress throughout your family's story with us.

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Mealtimes at Ickle Pickles are a time for children to refuel, be sociable and learn about nutrition.

Healthy snacks and delicious fresh food are cooked in our open-plan kitchen every day by our onsite chef using seasonal and local produce when we can. Children experience new flavours and look forward to their favourite dishes while older children help in our kitchen.

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Hello and welcome to Ickle Pickles Nursery School in Iwade Village near Sittingbourne.

Every day at Ickle Pickles we encourage children to be inquisitive and imaginative in our wonderful learning environment. In doing so, they soon develop a real love of learning and a curious mind.

Our experienced team come with a wealth of early years learning insight. We know that every child is different with their own story to tell, so we make sure that your child learns in a way and at a pace that’s right for them.

Ickle Pickles also has its own Special Education Needs co-ordinator who works alongside parents and our team members to identify and provide additional support for children. This close relationship with parents continues in our parent forum committee in which our members liaise with parents to ensure continuity of care, share forthcoming nursery events and celebrate achievements.

We’re really proud of our village roots so please do come and visit us and see for yourself our special mix of individualised learning and purposeful play.

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Grace Gibson
Nursery Manager
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Ickle Pickles

At Ickle Pickles, we're proud to offer exceptional care and education for children aged 3 months to 5 years old.

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Our educators create lots of opportunities for babies to explore sensory discovery and gentle play, increasing their awareness of the world around them. The team will care for your baby and help them learn and develop new skills, from walking to talking.

Soft areas encourage babies to roll around freely, sit up and stand and our treasure baskets give them lots of opportunities to explore different textures, shapes, sizes and colours.

After a busy morning of exploring and learning, there’s time to recharge in our tranquil cot room. We know how important naps are, and make sure that when they need it, children can sleep.

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As their story begins to take shape, growing toddlers are given the time and space to be more independent, discover and learn. Children make friends, learn to play alongside each other and become more aware of the world around them.

Our experienced educators encourage language development too, starting with simple sounds and building to sentences. Social skills and peer relationships are progressed through group activities and large-scale floor-based games.

During their time at Ickle Pickles, your child will have a two-year progress check so we can identify and action any developmental needs.

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As their confidence and ability grow, we prepare our preschool children for the learning journey ahead with a focus on phonics, numbers and social skills.

They follow a carefully planned programme of activities and free play in a more structured environment. Independence is encouraged through self-selection at mealtimes, by encouraging them to make choices and involving them in the planning for each day.

Children spend their final years at Ickle Pickles getting ready for primary school. By this time, they have made firm friendships and leave us as independent, curious and confident learners, ready for the next chapter of their own story.

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Out Of School Clubs

We know that balancing all your commitments can be a challenge. Our Breakfast (from 7:30 am) and After School Club (until 6:00 pm) are here to make the daily juggle easier.

Amidst all that learning, there’s plenty of time for play with games, creative activities and outdoor fun.


If children prefer some time away from the hustle and bustle, our quiet area is equipped with reading books and spaces to complete homework.


Whether it’s breakfast to start the day or a hearty meal after school, all of our nutritious food is freshly prepared daily.

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Ickle Pickles Nursery School
Ickle Pickles Nursery School
Ickle Pickles Nursery School
Ickle Pickles Nursery School
Ickle Pickles Nursery School
Ickle Pickles Nursery School
Photography by Fred Howarth, and

A tour of 

Ickle Pickles
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