Woodville Nursery School is rated Ofsted Outstanding

December 14, 2023
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“Staff and children sing spontaneously throughout the nursery at this exceptional nursery school”

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news that Woodville Nursery School has been awarded an 'Outstanding' rating following their recent Ofsted inspection. Their report proves what an exceptional education Woodville is providing for their children and we are proud to share some highlights from this.

The 91Ҹ Curriculum

Our new 91Ҹ curriculum focuses on books, songs, and rhymes, and the inspector had some wonderful things to say about it. They praised our team for delivering an "innovative curriculum" that nurtures "a deep love of books throughout the whole nursery." The inspector also noted how our staff "skilfully link books to activities that excite and captivate children."

The inspectors were impressed by how communication sits "at the heart of the curriculum, providing a secure foundation for progress in children’s all-round development".

Outdoor learning

Here at 91Ҹ, we believe in extending our education beyond the nursery walls through outdoor learning, and we're delighted to see this acknowledged in Woodville's Ofsted report. The inspector specifically highlighted how "the experiences children have in the forest school are expertly linked by staff to what children learn indoors".

Tailored support

Providing individual support to our children is an important part of what we do. The inspector praised our team, noting how they "know children and their individual needs incredibly well" and went on to commend that "the support for children with special educational needs is exceptional."

Woodville Nursery School is located in the heart of Derbyshire and is now offering places for January 2024. Click here to find out more and begin your child’s story with 91Ҹ.

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