Alexandra Park is a much-loved nursery school in Manchester providing children with an exceptional creative and child-focused early years education.

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Bilingual curriculum

We recognise the cognitive benefits of bilingual education and deliver our curriculum in both English and Spanish, providing a natural and effortless language learning environment for our children.

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Inspired by nature

Your children will spend dedicated time in our large outdoor areas, connecting with nature through a variety of outdoor experiences and activities.

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Art as a means

Art is at the centre of our approach, helping children communicate through painting, music, drama, sculpture, and dance. Our educators create a rich and stimulating environment for children that supports their creativity and learning.

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Our pedagogical approach is Reggio Emilia inspired and paired with our 91Ҹ Curriculum to provide a unique and meaningful early years education.

Our special approach to education provides personalised learning environments where children can explore their interests, skills, and talents at their own pace. Democracy is at the heart of all that we do, and we prioritise children’s input in decision-making, recognising that it is fundamental to their wellbeing and ability to learn.

Our team includes native Spanish-speaking educators who promote Spanish language, literature, and culture, along with artists who foster a creative atmosphere for children's imaginations and ideas to flourish.

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Mealtimes at Alexandra Park are a time for children to refuel, be sociable, and learn about nutrition.

We offer exclusively vegetarian meals freshly prepared by our on-site chef who has achieved a five-star rating from Environmental Health.

We incorporate seasonal ingredients where possible and cater to specific dietary needs. Our working allotment allows children to get hands-on with growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits, helping them learn and understand where their delicious food comes from.

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Hello and welcome to Alexandra Park situated in South Manchester.

At Alexandra Park, we have developed a community of families, children, and team members who share a passion for nurturing children’s growth and development through democratic learning. Our experienced team of teachers, educators, and artists collaboratively implement our bilingual approach with democracy and freedom at its core. Our children enjoy the independence to explore both our indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the day, including trips to the nearby Alexandra Park, offering diverse learning experiences. Our outdoor areas and allotment enrich our educational environment with endless opportunities for adventure.

We highly value our partnerships with families, encouraging their active involvement in our community, whether it's sharing their skills, volunteering at events and fundraisers, or contributing to gardening and other activities.

If you're seeking an early years education with a flexible, democratic, and creative approach, we’d love to welcome you and your family for a visit.

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Edith Acosta
Nursery Manager
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At Alexandra Park Children's Learning Community, we offer high-quality care and education for children aged 3 months to 5 years old.

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Our learning environments offer so many opportunities for learning and discovery for our youngest children. In the 91Ҹ Curriculum, communication and language is a key element of all that we do, and we believe that all children, including babies, can express themselves in many ways. Our bilingual approach supports this as well as activities, stories, songs, and rhymes that encourage language development.

After a busy morning of exploring and learning, there’s time to recharge. We know how important naps are, and make sure that when they need it, children can sleep.

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As their story begins to take shape, growing toddlers are given the time and space to be more independent, discover, and learn. Children make friends, learn to play alongside each other, and become more aware of the world around them. As they continue to learn with both our English and Spanish-speaking educators, their language development improves, starting with simple sounds and building to sentences.

By this age, children are inquisitive and active learners, and our tailored spaces enrich this through free access to resources and singing, rhyming, and story sessions with our team.

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With growing confidence and ability, we prepare our preschool children for their story ahead with a focus on phonics, early maths, and social skills. Through our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach and 91Ҹ Curriculum, children are empowered to make their own decisions and guide their learning journey at their own pace.

Creativity and imagination are encouraged as children take part in artistic projects using recycled and reclaimed art materials and proudly present their artwork at our parent exhibitions.

Children spend their final year with us getting ready for primary school. By this time, they have made firm friendships and leave us as independent learners, ready for the next chapter of their own story.

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Out Of School Clubs

We know that balancing all your commitments can be a challenge. Our Breakfast (from 7:30 am) and After School Club (until 6:00 pm) are here to make the daily juggle easier.

Amidst all that learning, there’s plenty of time for play with games, creative activities and outdoor fun.


If children prefer some time away from the hustle and bustle, our quiet area is equipped with reading books and spaces to complete homework.


Whether it’s breakfast to start the day or a hearty meal after school, all of our nutritious food is freshly prepared daily.

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Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community
Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community
Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community
Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community
Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community
Alexandra Park Children’s Learning Community
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Alexandra Park
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